The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24" & 36" on SALE!


The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24” & 36” are now on SALE! They are the world’s first self-contained scanners for large format scanning, being able to scan at a large size and being completely mobile this scanner is the ultimate technology needed for on the go scanning, and there’s no need for your PC! Its able to produce large format drawings, plans and documents at either A1 or A0 size. The scanner comes with a tough case attached with wheels to allow you to move from one site to another with ease. Being best suited for construction, surveying and planning, where you can quickly scan something on site and move.

The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! is quick and efficient, being able to scan 218 colour documents an hour at 200 dpi speed, and with semi-automated resolution control, you don’t miss out on excellent accuracy. It Has internal memory, so wherever there’s power, you can scan. The internal memory will remember your documents, but you can also scan straight to a USB and even to the Cloud. This scanner is wireless, but also has Ethernet connectivity which means you’re not limited to a single computer, so your entire team can link directly to the scanner through your corporate network. It’s easy to use with native Windows apps and Adobe Acrobat to manage your documents in PDF or TIFF. 


Scan System

Three modes of operation - TIFF and PDF files are generated inside the scanner, they can be:

1.)   Stored in the scanner for transfer to a PC later

2.)   Stored directly on a USB stick

3.)   Transferred, via wired Ethernet, direct to a network or PC

Scan formats are view-able using native Windows Apps. A small Windows program is supplied to receive live or stored scan files from the scanner - not required for scan to USB stick. Intelligent image optimisation system automatically sets dpi of document or photos according to physical size to maximize image quality and reduce file size. 

The scanner comes with a tough, wheeled carry case, a mains external power supply, calibration target and a RJ45 Ethernet cable in box.