Riso Compatible Inks available in Machine Compatible Packaging

Supplied with reliable chips, our Litre Bottle solution has been taken up across Europe as the most cost-effective solution for those wanting to maintain print quality without the paying the OEM premium. The refilling and recycling of the Riso OEM cartridges, has been a laborious and potentially messy process, Array Ink have been working on a Machine compatible Bag in Box solution so that you can maintain print quality, save money and have a simple Plug & Print solution in a single product.

We are therefore, VERY pleased to announce the launch of our ComColor Bag in Box products for the replacement of Riso X1, 1000 & R inks in the full range of Comcolor 3050 to 9150 Printers.

We would love to hear your feedback once you have tried the product. Please leave us a Review on the product page once you’ve had a chance to run our Riso Ink products.

View and order our new product here.