As one of Europe’s leading independent ink suppliers, our customers are spread across Europe. But, as the complicated process of the United Kingdoms’ withdrawal from the European Union progresses and as the 29th of March - the date the UK is meant to leave the EU -approaches we want to reassure you that this will in no way affect the availability and delivery for supply of the products that you purchase from us.

As previously notified, we have set up our Distribution Centre in The Netherlands, and this has been stocked and running for some weeks – in fact your recent orders from us have probably been shipping from the Netherlands already.

You can therefore be confident that when ordering from Array Ink Europe in the coming weeks and months – both before and after ‘Brexit’ – you will see no variation in the price, availability or delivery services to you. In fact, in many cases, the delivery of goods may be faster than would have been the case from our UK Distribution Centre.

Please know, that Array Ink Europe is sorry that the UK has chosen to leave the EU and that we will do everything we can to ensure that we continue to serve our EU customers to the best of our ability.