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Spectra S-Class Printers

Many high resolution, narrow web printers are based around the Spectra S-Class piezo drop on demand jet assemblies. e.g. Domino's K100, K150 & K200, Graph-Tech's GT72 & GT64 and many others. Inks for these Spectra S-Class printers are generic for all of the Spectra jet assemblies and as such, with minimal changeover requirements, our expert third party inks can be used to improve the print performance and cost base of your Spectra S-Class printers.

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  1. Ink Jet Capsule Filter

    Ink Jet Capsule Filter

    Part No. IJCF10u

    The Ink Jet Capsule Filter is a 10um UV resistant Ink Jet Capsule Filter is used in ink changes and service for GT64, GT72, Domino K100, K150 and K200 printers.

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    116.61 EUR
  2. PUK9105


    Part No. PUK9105

    The PUK9105 UV black is for use in Spectra S Class, Xaar Omnidot 760, Xaar 1001, Konica Minolta 512 and Ricoh Gen 3 printheads. Cure using H or D Bulb, 250mJ/cm2. For use in general purpose rigid, standard graphic arts substrates

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    152.00 EUR
  3. PUW9090


    Part No. PUW9090

    This PUW9090 flush product is used in conjunction with the UV & LED UV Cure ink ranges.

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    101.67 EUR
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