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Our LED UV inks are designed to provide high gloss black print drying instantly under LED UV curing lamps, PUK1193 is a proven marketplace ink also known as, Pro-Cure.  Part of the Collins C-Led ink range, suitable for use in Spectra S Class, Xaar Omnidot 760, Konica Minolta 512 and Ricoh Gen 3 printheads.

The PUK 1193 black ink is a standalone ink (not in a CMYK set) and was specifically designed to print on plastic cards. The ink runs at speeds up to 1m/s at 300 x 600 dpi.

LED UV Inks Curing conditions: LED bulb, 8W/cm2 (min 4W/cm2), UV wavelength 395nm (min 385nm)

Shelf Life: 6 months

Also available, PUW9090 Flush fluid for use with PUK1193 for cleaning, service and ink change purposes and InkJet Capsule filter for service and ink change purposes.

Please contact us if you require the Material Safety Data Sheet for the LED UV inks.

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  1. PUK1193


    Part No. PUK1193

    This Black LED UV Cure ink (PUK1193 black ink) is supplied in Litre bottles, this ink is a stand alone ink (not in a CMYK set) and is designed to print on plastic cards. This ink runs at a max speed of 200 fpm at 300x600 dpi.

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  2. PUW1185


    Part No. PUW1185

    This clear flush product cleans the Kyocera, Dimatix, Xaar, Konica Minolta and Spectra printheads and can be used with our tech wipes This flush product should be used while servicing your machines to clear through blocked inkjetsFor more details on this product please contact us.

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    79.00 EUR
  3. Ink Jet Capsule Filter

    Ink Jet Capsule Filter

    Part No. IJCF10u

    The Ink Jet Capsule Filter is a 10um UV resistant Ink Jet Capsule Filter is used in ink changes and service for GT64, GT72, Domino K100, K150 and K200 printers.

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