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Retail & POS Cartridges

Retail & POS Cartridges

These Original HP Retail and POS products are used in a range of banking, retail and point of sale applications for the printing of receipts, cheque reader acknowledgements and more.

Our HP Retail and POS product range consists of two HP families of cartridges in 4 colours, as well as the carriage assemblies. Use our TIJ ink cartridges for fast dry times and water resistance on a range of media used in the banking, hospitality and retail industries.

By using the HP Retail and POS products you will be able to produce prints consistently at the highest quality, easy to operate cartridges, simple to install and replace. Providing lowest prices, highest quality maintenance and operation of your critical business interfaces.

HP Retail and POS products are used in the following printers:

  • HP Addmaster Printer
  • Ithaca POSjet
  • NCR Tellerman
  • Panini MY Vision
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    1. HP Q7453A Carriage Assembly

      HP Q7453A Carriage Assembly

      Part No. Q7453A

      The HP Q7453A Carriage Assembly for 51604A (black), 51605B (blue)with 10" flex is designed to work in the HP Quietjet/Thinkjet printers.

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      8.26 EUR
    2. HP Q2299A Carriage Assembly

      HP Q2299A Carriage Assembly

      Part No. Q2299A

      The HP Q2299A Carriage Assembly is an inkjet printhead mounting and implementation solution for the HP TIJ 1.0 C6602A (black) print cartridge. This is a genuine HP part that has been tested extensively to meet HP’s quality and compatibility standards and it’s guaranteed to function correctly in your printer.

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      8.76 EUR
    3. HP Q2347A Carriage Assembly

      HP Q2347A Carriage Assembly

      Part No. Q2347A

      The HP Q2347A Carriage Assembly is suitable for use in industrial and commercial marking and printing applications where print economy is important. This carriage assembly allows for easy snap in and out for replacement of the printer cartridges in the HP C6602 family print cartridges.

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      9.26 EUR
    4. HP 51604A Black Ink Cartridge

      HP 51604A Black Ink Cartridge

      Part No. 51604A

      The HP 51604A Ink Cartridge is used in Scanjet/Thinkjet/Quietjet printers. This ink will greatly improve your inkjet’s performance by working with you printer to ensure it’s working efficiently. The HP 51604A Ink Cartridge uses non-contact print technology, which allows much more efficient printing on rough media.

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      11.61 EUR

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    5. HP C6602A TIJ 1.0 Black Print Cartridge

      HP C6602A TIJ 1.0 Black Ink Cartridge

      Part No. C6602A

      The C6602A HP TIJ 1.0 Black Ink cartridge uses a specially formulated dye-based ink that delivers extremely fast dry times and water resistance across an array of paper and media. The special ink formulation in these C6602A HP TIJ 1.0 Black Ink cartridges dries in less than ½ second on all common paper used in the banking, retail, hospitality and other transaction printing environments.

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      16.18 EUR
    6. HP C6602B TIJ 1.0 Blue Print Cartridge

      HP C6602B TIJ1.0 Blue Ink Cartridge

      Part No. C6602B

      The C6602B HP TIJ 1.0 Blue Ink cartridge offers outstandingly fast dry times and water resistance across a range of substrates. This HP ink fits and operates in the HP Addmaster printers and allows receipts and invoices to be handled straight after printing. This special dye-based ink dries in less than 1/2 second on common papers.

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      16.18 EUR

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