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HP45-MX MICR Black Premium


HP45-MX MICR Black Premium Ink is black, magnetic and readable. This ink is developed and manufactured by Diversified Nano for use in the HP TIJ 2.5 Industrial print technology and this HP45-MX MICR Black Premium Ink is used extensively in cheque printing applications.

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HP45-MX MICR Black Premium Ink

The magnetic properties of this ink allow you to print MICR compliant checks. The HP45-MX MICR Black Premium Ink is compatible with high speed inkjet presses, almost all available HP TIJ 2.5 inkjet printers can be used with MICR print cartridges.

Print the following with ease:

  • Long lasting documents
  • Payments
  • Security applications
  • High quality photos


  • Cost effective
  • The droplet size reduces ink use up to 20%, while producing smooth and saturated output appearance
  • The HP45-MX MICR Black Premium Ink is environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to fading, smearing and chemical alterations


  • X-nano's droplet size reduces your ink usage by up to 20%
  • MICR capability ideal for cheque printing of security documents
  • Enable on-demand quick printing
  • Experience sharp print quality
  • Features anti-clogging ink that will minimise any hassle with clogged cartridges
  • Fade and smear resistant
  • Environmentally friendly ink
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Technical Description :

Jetting Parameters
Firing Voltage: 11.5V
Pulse width: 1.9 micro seconds
Frequency: 10-13KHz   Drop size: 25pl

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