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International Shipping

Array Ink Europe is committed to making shipping your orders as cost effective and simple as possible. Therefore, we have a fully functional shipping module no matter where you are in the world, what delivery service you require and whatever product mix you want to order.

When you go to checkout, your destination country and region will be available online and the shipping costs and options will be offered directly to you before you go to pay. There is no need to ring us to find out what is possible, no need to wait for responses to emails--just order it, select your shipping service and checkout. As soon as we have your confirmed order, we will ship as directed.

In addition for orders within the EU, if you register your company's VAT number on your account, our system will validate it and then deduct the Sales Tax from the total order value. Similarly if your Account Country is outside the EU, no Sales Tax will be charged in line with International legislation.

All of this is done automatically, so you can order without delay.

Please remember that our Solvent Inks are classified as HazChem for shipping, and MUST be shipped by Road.

HOWEVER, if you have any questions for us, or think your order is truly out of the ordinary please call us on +44 (0)1223 240994 or Email Us from here.