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The Challenge of Currency Exchanges

September, 2017

With Brexit talks stagnating, and inflation beginning to rise, the management of exchange rates within a global trading business continues to be challenging. Array Ink Europe buys products in Euros, US Dollars and GBP £ and sells out in all those currencies too, and by operating bank accounts in all the currencies we are partially insulated from the volatility of the FOREX market.

However, with the GBP continuing to slip against the Euro, and the fact that we never made the whole adjustment to match the exchange rate changes in the months after the Referendum vote, regrettably Array Ink Europe has again been forced to adjust the GBP £ prices of products bought in Euros to reflect actual purchase costs.

However, on a brighter note, I’m sure we are all grateful to Donald Trump for ensuring that the exchange rates to the USD$ (€ & GBP£) have improved somewhat since last year, so prices for goods that we purchase in USD$s have been adjusted accordingly ensuring that prices in Euros for these goods have dropped and only small upward changes have been passed through in GBP £.

We will of course, take any opportunity to adjust them back should the GBP £; recover, but in the meantime, we hope you will understand.


Franking Inks – End of Line

August, 2017

Array Ink Europe has taken the decision to remove the Franking Inks from our products range in order to concentrate on our core market and the ever-extending ranges in our Digital Printing Section. We will continue to supply as long as our stocks last, and during this time there will of course be no changes in our commitment to being a 'One Stop Shop' with simple payment and free standard delivery on UK orders to make your purchase effortless, plus all our franking inks have been tested and approved by the Royal Mail and the Postal Authority for your market, making purchasing compatible franking inks risk free.

Please find our remaining Franking Inks in our Franking Ink End of Line Section.


Introducing the Riso Compatible ComColor 1000, X1, R Ink & Chips 

October 11, 2016

Array Ink Europe Ltd now offer compatible ink packs for the Riso ComColor 1000, X1 and R inks, used in the 3010, 3050, 3050R, 3150, 7050, 7050R, 7150, 9050, 9050R and 9150 printers.

The inks are available in Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, the Riso ComColor ink packs are Mix and Match compatible to the Riso original inks. The Riso ComColor ink packs can be delivered in 1 litre and 4 litre economy packs depending on your requirements. All of Array Ink's ComColor compatible inks offer savings of up to 60% on the price of the original manufacturers ink.

Array Ink Europe Ltd also offer replacement chips for the Riso ComColor inks. The Risograph inks contain a chip that the machine uses to check that the ink in the system is not out of date, this means from time to time when refilling with compatible Riso inks each colour chip will need to be changed.


ColorTrac shortlisted for Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Overall Growth in exports 2016 Award

August 4, 2016

ColorTrac has a reputation based on ease of us, innovation and value for money. ColorTrac already exports to 191 countries and the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce has recognised ColorTrac's steady growth and the recent surge of sales boosted by the 2015 launch of the world's first portable wide format scanner. The Smart LF Scan is the latest addition to ColorTrac's range of Large Format Scanners.

These portable large format scanners are currently available on our webshop with a 30% discount of the original RRP. For more info, please take a look at our Wide Format Scanner page.


Solvent Inks for HP TIJ Printers

July 4, 2016

Since our last Blog about Solvent Inks all the way back in 2014, there has been a lot of work done. To the point that HP TIJ technology has become a real alternative to CIJ. Not only have a new range of inks with better, wider material compatibility, improved decap times and general organistaional improvements been delivered to the marketplace, but HP themselves have developed a new 'Si' Cartridge specifically to optimise the performance and extend the decap time of solvent inks in the HP TIJ Technology.


HP Ink Prices Rise 2016

May 15, 2015

Once again, the strengthening of the US Dollar during 2015 and the continuing volatility in the Eurozone has forced HP to announce an ‘on average’ 6.5% Euro wide price rise on all it’s Industrial Inks for the HP TIJ2.5 & TIJ1.0 technologies as of March 1st 2016.

At the same time, due to the weakening of Sterling that has been ongoing in the last 2 financial quarters, product prices in £s will increase as we adjust the GBP exchange rates too. This sadly will have the opposite effect to that seen last year where GBP £ prices either dropped or stayed the same even though suppliers prices had risen, but given our policy of passing on the benefits where we can, then at least we managed to reduce prices for you for a whole year!

The HP price rise has been passed through the supply chain with no additional increment, and with regret, Array Ink Europe will be forced to increase our prices product by product in line with HP too. However, we will only pass the price increase on as our shelf stocks are replaced with product purchased at the new prices, so, customers will see prices go up only as new supply is brought into our warehouse.

Here at Array Ink Europe, our aim is to provide HP Original cartridges at the best price in the market. Not withstanding the above – Our commitment to you remains the same.


Testimonial: Risograph ComColor 7150 – Array Ink high quality compatible ink

November 2017

Euroteam SNC in Perugia, Italy are a new user of our Risograph ComColor X1 high quality compatible inks. Initially buying inks and chips to test, they have become a regular customer for all of their Riso Comcolor ink needs..

“We began to deal with Array Ink Europe Ltd after purchasing a new printer Risograph ComColor 7150. We immediately noticed that original cartridges were very expensive. So we looked for a new supplier in the web. The best website, was the one of Array Ink, it is simple to use and gives complete information about the products. First we made a test order purchasing only 1 ink bottle and we were happily surprised that they answered immediately to our request, also giving us the possibility to chat with them on line. Now we regularly buy ink and accessories and we are really satisfied on quality of products (there is no difference with the original ink) and delivery terms”



Testimonial: Intermail BV had been purchasing the HP Q2392A from Array Ink and has the following to say on the changeover to the IQ2329A:

April 2016

"We are very happy with the IQ2392A ink. The card clip is good, because we can use the cartridges almost immediately and the ink dries fast, so we don’t have to use extra heaters. The quality of the IQ2392A is just as good as the old Q2392A cartridges. We were also very grateful at how quickly Array Ink dealt with courier problems we were having and they ensured we had our goods delivered as quickly as possible"

Chris van Dijk – Intermail BV 


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