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Please note that this list contains those compatible printers that have come to our attention, it is more than possible that our inks are also compatible with many other industrial and table top printers.

Systems Table Tops Systems Table Tops
inc.jet   RENA  
jet.engine   Rena 620/DJP Rena 616
wings   Rena 630/DDP Rena 612S
Satellite   Rena PS 2000 Rena 613SL
Asmarc   Rena PSC 200X Rena 608SL
PMx P4 XPS-80 Rena 607S
Note system P6 XPS-90 DA-607
CKx P3 XPS-1000 DA-608
Console   XPS-2000  
PTS   XPS-3000  
Jet Flex   Kirk Rudy  
Veriflex   NetJet  
Astrojet Range   WideJet  
IB9000 AJ300 KR319B  
Imaging System II AJ500 KR219B  
  AJ1000 WaveJet  
  AJ2600/AJ2600P Accufast  
  AJ2800 Envelope Imager  
  AJ3600/3800 P3  
MCS   P6  
Pro600   P4/PCS  
Array 4600   PM3  
Array 6600   PM6  
Array 8600   Bryce  
GIS 4250   3K/5K/5K-L/7K  
Hasler   9K-L/9K-LA/9K0LC/11K  
HJ300/HJ350   12K/13K/16K/20K24K/30K  
HJ500/HJ600/HJ800   Buskro  
HSA Mail   HPQ  
HSA TCU   Apollo/Apollo 4c  
HSA CB   Hyperion  
Pitney Bowes   Prism  
DA300   JETPACK3000  
DA500e/DA550e   JETPACK5000  
DA400   JETPACK6200  
DA700e/DA750e   JETCASE  
DA950   Videojet  
Secap   G4100  
30KNF0   PrintMail  
5KLE   Datatech  
SA3100   DA610  
SA3300/SA3350   PS2000  
SA5000/SA5300 SA5300vt   Wolke/Nutec  
Jet 1   M600  
Secap Bryte Jet UV system