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We now offer upgraded packaging for the Riso ComColor 1000, X1 and R compatible Ink Range. No need to spend time refilling the bag from the Litre bottles. This ink is now delivered in a Bag & Box with a chip fitted, ready to be plugged into your machine.

We are currently looking for a customer to test the Riso GD Chips. If you are happy to take a 4 colour set of inks free of charge then please contact us.

We offer compatible Ink packs for the Riso ComColor Range. These Inks are designed for various Printer models:

1000 Ink Range

X1 Ink Range

R Ink Range

FW Ink Range

GD Ink Range

3010 3150 3050R  5230  9630 
3050 7150 7050R  5231  9631 
7050 9150 9050R  5000  7330 
9050     1230 (black only)   

The individual inks are available in Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow or you can buy in a complete colour set for easy ordering. The Riso ComColor ink packs are Mix and Match compatible to the Riso original inks so either plug and print our new Machine compatible cartridges or refill your existing Riso cartridge from our ink bottle and keep on printing.

Order the New and Improved packaged Riso Ink Range:

All of our ComColor compatible inks offer savings of up to 60% on the price of the original manufacturers ink - even more if you purchase the 4 litre ink pack.

Please contact us if you require the SDS sheets for these ink products.

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