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Digital Printing Inks

Digital Printing Inks

We are pleased to offer Digital Printing Inks for the Spectra S-Class technology, Kyocera KJ4B & KJ4A technology printers as well as Xaar, Konica Minolta and Dimatix technologies.

We have both traditional UV and LED UV Inks available for existing printers that implement the Spectra piezo technology, extending both the substrate capabilities and reducing the per print costs over OEM inks for the Spectra S-Class - experience minimal changeover requirements and impressive performance.

Our range of Kyocera inks gives solutions in waterbased, UV cure and UV LED Cure technologies for both the KJ4A & KJ4B piezo heads, with options for different substrates as well as four colour sets for total flexibility.

Enhance the productivity of your business' print runs with these high quality Digital Printings inks products, whilst also improving your cost-effectiveness. These products are simple to order online and you can also order accessories for ink handling and changeover.