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PFI-301, PFI-302, PFI-701 & PFI-702

PFI-301, PFI-302, PFI-701 & PFI-702 Ink Series

The iPF8100 & 9100 wide format series plotters use the PFI-301 (colours in 330ml capacity ink tanks) and PFI-302 (grey/blacks in 330ml ink tanks), or PFI-701 (colours in 700ml ink tanks) and PFI-702 (grey/blacks in 700ml ink tanks). Also used is the PF-03 printhead, MC-08 maintenance cartridge and CT-06 Canon Cutter. These wide format iPF8100 & iPF9100 plotters print roll and sheet up to 44" (iPF8100) or 60" (iPF9100) wide.

The Canon PFI-301, PFI-302, PFI-701 and PFI-702 ink series range includes 12 colours in 330ml or 700ml capacity ink tanks. We offer the PFI-301, PFI-302, PFI-701 and PFI-702 families of insk, the PF-03 printhead, MC-08 maintenance cartridge and CT-06 Canon cutter.


  • Original and Genuine Canon products are reliable for your business and give you the confidence that you are using the best product on the market
  • Prints on a wide range of substrates
  • Experience efficient and cost-effective printing
  • Produce rich and vibrant colours
  • The Lucia EX pigment inks feature better ink coverage on every print
  • Simple to install and operate yourself

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    Canon iPF8100 & 9100 Technical and Consumables Reference Document (PDF)

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    1. Canon PFI-301 Ink Cartridges
      SKU: PFI-301
      As low as £245.65 £204.71

      Original Canon cartridges are reliable, long lasting and give high quality print results.

      Canon PFI-301 Ink Cartridges
      As low as £245.65 £204.71
      SKU: PFI-301
    2. Canon PFI-302 Ink Cartridges
      SKU: PFI-302
      As low as £245.65 £204.71
    3. Canon PFI-702 Ink Cartridges
      SKU: PFI-702
      As low as £415.34 £346.12
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    9 Items