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Kao Collins has been formulating Dimatix ink used in Dimatix print heads for many years. Dimatix heads are quite versatile and have been integrated into systems targeting a wide range of commercial, graphic, and industrial printing applications. Kao Collins supplies a variety of formulas that are designed to meet specific targets for each application. Dimatix manufactures a range of print head models, so prior to selecting ink, we’ll need to understand which model you are working with.

Kao Collins has a wide variety of standard and custom UV and LED curable fluids for the Xaar 1001 print head. Through joint cooperation with OEMs, a few Kao Collins inks have received Xaar developmental ink approval status (previously known as Phase 1 approval), while other inks have been formulated to target specific end-user requirements, meeting Kao Collins’ validation criteria and materials compatibility requirements.

Kao Collins is a Konica Minolta Partner

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  1. PUW9090


    Part No. PUW9090

    This PUW9090 flush product is used in conjunction with the UV & LED UV Cure ink ranges.

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  2. PUL244851


    Part No. PUL244851-81F
    PUL244851 is a clear overcoat that is designed to adhere to PVC cards. It is typically used as a flood overcoat to protect printed barcodes and text (scuff resistance).
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    209.95 EUR

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