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*Please contact us for stock information before purchase as we do not always hold stock of this ink. We can supply to order, but delivery times may be long.


PUL244851 is a clear overcoat that is designed to adhere to PVC cards. It is typically used as a flood overcoat to protect printed barcodes and text (scuff resistance).

PUL244851 is a clear overcoat that was specifically formulated to cure with a traditional UV lamp and is available for the Xaar, Dimatix, and Konica Minolta printheads.

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Manufacturer : Kao Collins
Technical Description :
     Fluid Base:     UV Curable
     Colourant:     Clear
     Flash Point:     95C
     Shipping Info:     Non-Hazardous
     Shelf Life:     12 months
     Printhead:     Dimatix, Xaar, KM
     Operating Conditions:     40 - 45C

     UV Curing Parameters
     Cure Dose:     300mJ/cmsq
     UV Bulb:     H Type

     UV Curing Parameters
     Flush:     PUW9090

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