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Wide Format Scanners

We are now offering a wide range of Wide Format Scanners by Colortrac and Multifunctional Printers by HP, providing high quality wide format scanners and large format copy solutions for digital colour and monochrome applications for customers engaged in:

- Architecture
- Construction
- Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE)
- Graphic and Fine Arts Reproduction Reprographics
- And many more

The product range includes the Colortrac SG and SC models in a range of different sizes.

The Colortrac SmartLF SG model is perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps as well as the vibrant, accurate colours needed by graphics professionals. It also has 1200 dpi optical resolution, which is the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in the market today. 

The Colortrac SmartLF SC gives you fast results combined with high quality imaging. Use the SmartLF SC to produce great scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents. This scanner features ‘SingleSensor’, a Colortrac invention that combines CIS elements and LEDs in a single line for maximum scan accuracy and optimal illumination.

The Colortrac SmartLF Scan! is a revolution in wide-format scanning, it’s small, light easy to use, portable and self-contained. It’s the world’s first truly portable wide format scanner, it requires no PC or software to operate.

As well as the HP Multifunctional Printers.

The HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer brings a new benchmark in multi-functional wide-format printing and scanning. This A0 / A1 full colour plotter is ideal for smaller workgroups whom require the functionality of a production machine but without having the volume needs of a larger work group. 

The HP DesignJet T2530 36-in PostScript Multifunction Printer is a dual-roll 36-inch, 6-ink integrated MFP is for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications. You will be able to produce fast, professional-quality results, as well as being able to get D/A1-size prints in 21 seconds.

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  1. SmartLF SC Xpress 25m Monochrome Scanner - 25in

    Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress Monochrome Scanner

    Part No. 01H066scan

    The SmartLF SC Xpress Monochrome Scanner provides you with amazing accuracy for your technical drawings, you can now scan twice as fast with SuperSpeed data transfer. This scanner has customisable presets that provide easy operation for multiple users. The SmartLF SC Xpress Monochrome Scanner is perfect for your maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and other technical documents.

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    2834.82 EUR
  2. SmartLF SG 36m Monochrome Scanner - 36in

    Colortrac SmartLF SG Monochrome Scanner

    Part No. 01J004scan

    Experience the Colortrac SmartLF SG Monochrome Scanner, which has the same charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor technology that is used in professional quality cameras. With the Colortrac SmartLF SG Monochrome Scanner you will be able to choose the highest quality scans for all your document types and get it right the first time. Produce superior quality images and copies of documents up to 36 or even 44 inch wide. Scan all types of paper and mounted documents and adjustment is extremely easy for different media thicknesses up to 15mm.

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    6533.15 EUR
  3. Floor Stand + Catch Basket - 25in

    Colortrac Floor Stand + Catch Basket

    Part No. 02S0

    Using the Colortrac Floor Stand + Catch Basket minimises the installed footprint of your SmartLF SG / SC or SC Xpress wide format scanner and positions the document feed at a comfortable and convenient height.

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    391.99 EUR
  4. Colortrac Repro Stand

    Colortrac Repro Stand

    Part No. 02S0_repro

    An alternative to the standard floor stand the Colortrac Repro Stand conveniently holds the PC LCD Flat screen and mini keyboard and minimises the combined footprint of the scanner and printer creating a practical high productivity workstation.

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    511.29 EUR
  5. SmartWorks Pro

    SmartWorks Pro

    Part No. 09A00

    SmartWorks Pro is an intuitive software platform providing three discrete applications in one package. SmartWorks Pro SCAN & COPY provides a complete simultaneously scan to both file and printer solution with advanced image restoration and colour management. This software platform provide three discrete applications in one package - Scan, Copier, Scan & Copy. The SmartWorks Pro suits the requirements of both the occasional and professional user.

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    448.80 EUR

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