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Multifunction Printers

The days of standalone copiers are long gone, Multifunction Printers or printer all in ones, which print, copy, scan and email all from one device have taken they’re place. These printers enable customers to get the full package from one device and they feature WiFi connectivity, mobile printing and tablet-like touchscreen making them extremely user friendly.

With Multifunction Printers, you will experience easy to use interfaces, reliable paper handling, advanced security and sophisticated tools, as well as delivering crisp and clear documents.

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  1. HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer

    HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer

    Part No. F9A

    The HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer brings a new benchmark in multi-functional wide-format printing and scanning. This A0 / A1 full colour plotter is ideal for smaller workgroups whom require the functionality of a production machine but without having the volume needs of a larger work group. The HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer is aimed squarely at low volume small work groups and the T830 is designed to deliver up to A0 (+) output or A1 from a single on-line roll feed which can take upto a 50 meter length roll. It can also deliver smaller cut sheets from an integrated paper tray. The HP Designjet T830 eMFP Printer is a smart choice for architecture and construction offices ready to evolve communicate more effectively, there's no learning curve needed and this printer has scan and copy capabilities.

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  2. HP DesignJet T2530 36-in PostScript Multifunction Printer

    HP DesignJet T2530PS 36-in PostScript Multifunction Printer

    Part No. L2Y26A

    This dual-roll 36-inch, 6-ink integrated MFP is for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications. You will be able to produce fast, professional-quality results, as well as being able to get D/A1-size prints in 21 seconds, using the HP DesignJet T2530 36-in PostScript Multifunction Printer. With six Original HP inks, including gray and photo black, your work is rendered in precise, detailed color. Plus workgroups can save time with integrated print/scan/copy and a built-in output stacking tray.

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  3. HP Designjet Rugged Case

    HP Designjet Rugged Case

    Part No. N9M07A

    The HP DesignJet Rugged Case delivers added protection in rough, dusty environments, it also helps to ensure your printer is ready wherever you need it. The HP DesignJet Rugged Case is best suited for industries where dust and damage is a threat, including construction, mining, oil & gas, and others. The HP Rugged Case features easy to move castors that are extremely robust and a thick carcass to protect your Designjet T830 or T730 Printer.

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