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Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24

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The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 Scanner is the world's first self-contained scanner for large format drawings, plans and documents up to A1 in size. The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 Scanner is supplied with a toughened carry case and weighing only 5.2kg, this allows you to move the device to multiple sites and locations with ease.

Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 Scanner

With this scanner, you can quickly and efficiently scan important amended documents and share them, it offers 218 A1 colour documents per hour at 200dpi speed.

The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 Scanner 24 works like a camera and has an internal memory, so you can scan anywhere where there's power. This scanner is the ideal device for anyone in construction, surveying, planning, town planning or anyone who needs to scan any A1 or A0 documents quickly on site.

The Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 Scanner is fully network compatible for when you’re back in your office, you scan to your PC or Cloud, as well as being able to work wirelessly. The scanner has Ethernet connectivity, meaning you’re not limited to a single computer, so your entire team can link directly to the Colortrac Smart LF Scan! 24 through your corporate network. This scanner is easy to use with Native Windows Apps and Adobe Acrobat to manage your documents in PDF and TIFF formats. 

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Manufacturer : Colortrac
Technical Description :

Scan System

Three modes of operation - TIFF and PDF files are generated inside the scanner, they can be:

1.)   Stored in the scanner for transfer to a PC later

2.)   Stored directly on a USB stick

3.)   Transferred, via wired Ethernet, direct to a network or PC


Scan Software

Scan formats are viewable using native Windows Apps. A small Windows program is supplied to receive live or stored scan files from the scanner - not required for scan to USB stick.


Optical Resolution

600 dpi



Intelligent image optimisation system automatically sets dpi of document or photos according to physical size to maximize image quality and reduce file size


Max Scan Width

24” (609.6 mm)


Max Image Length

50” (1270mm)


Min Media Width/Thickness

6.2” (160mm) / 0.003” (0.07 mm)


Max Media Width/Thickness

26” (660mm) / 0.02” (0.5 mm)


Paper Sizing (image sizes)

ISO DIN / ARCH / ANSI / automatic width and length


Internal Memory

approx. 6 GB or 8 scans


Scan Accuracy

0.2 % +/-1 pixel



1 year RTB Warranty / 30,000 linear meters whichever comes first.

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