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Epson UltraChrome K3 VM 350ml Ink Cartridge

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The Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printers are configured to take 6 K3 VM ink colours, along with 3 HDR inks in 2 cartridge sizes, Array Ink Europe offers all the Ultrachrome K3 VM 350ml ink to purchase either as individual cartridges, or for easier ordering as Full Colour Sets.

Ultrachrome K3 VM 350ml Ink

The Epson Ultrachrome K3 VM Ink 350ml cartridges product codes are:

  • Photo Black - C13T596100
  • Cyan - C13T596200
  • Vivid Magenta - C13T596300
  • Yellow - C13T596400
  • Light Cyan - C13T596500
  • Vivid Light Magenta- C13T596600

We also offer the full set of 350ml cartridges, which not only makes for simpler checkout but we offer a discount on the products too.

The Ultrachrome K3 VM 350ml ink has superb colour stability, low levels of metamerism, which ensure that your prints look the same under any light conditions. The ink can be printed on a wide range of material, whilst still maintaining outstanding lightfastness.

This ink has been designed and developed by Epson for both photography and pre-press photography applications. The ink offers a large colour gamut, advanced grey balance and excellent mid tones and highlights for smooth tonal ranges.

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Manufacturer : Epson
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