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General IQ324S Heatless - Yellow

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*Please contact us for stock information before purchase. This specialist ink has a short shelf life and is in low demand, so we do not always hold stock. We can supply to order, but delivery times may be long.

Please be aware that General IQ324S Heatless - Yellow is classified as 'HazChem' for shipment and shipping is via Road only and may take additional time to be delivered.

General IQ324S Yellow

The General IQ324S is a solvent based yellow pigment that can be recognised on dark colour background. This ink is perfect for dark colour objects such as cables, films rubbers, coloured cartones and auto parts.

Prints On:

  • Blister Foils
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Aluminium
  • OPP
  • PP
  • PET Film
  • PE
  • PVC


  • Bright, yellow printing on dark packaging surfaces
  • High optical density in a single pass
  • Fast dry time and high durability
  • Designed for minimum smearing or transfer
  • Print on both coated and uncoated substrates without changing ink


This specialist ink has a short shelf life and is in low demand, we therefore do not always have stock and when we do, we only keep small quantities. We can supply to order, but please be aware that delivery times may be long and we will contact you with expected delivery date.

More Information
Manufacturer : General
Technical Description :



Ink Type

Solvent Based Ink

Decap Time

1 hour under normal condition and environment

Printing Parameters

Firing Voltage: 9.0V
Pulse Width: 1.80us

Pulse Warming


Shelf Life

6 months from fill date

Heater Requirements

No dryer necessary

Operating Condition

15°C~35°C (59F ~ 95F)

Storage Condition

15°C~35°C (59F ~ 95F)

Maximum Frequency


Head Cleaning

Wipe with dry lint-free cloth
Do not clean with water

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