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Ink Jet Capsule Filter

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*Please contact us for stock information before purchase as we do not always hold stock of this ink. We can supply to order, but delivery times may be long.

Inkjet Capsule Filter

The Ink Jet Capsule Filter is a 10um UV resistant Ink Jet Capsule Filter is used in ink changes and service for GT64, GT72, Domino K100, K150 and K200 printers.

Benefits to Ink Jet Capsule Filter:

  • Offers you a high level of protection for your printheads
  • Features an opaque design that reduces the risk of UV sensitive fluids being precipitately treated inside the filter
  • Strong and compatible
  • Small and light
  • Simple to fight
  • Safe and economic
  • Reduces waste
  • The inlet and outlet connections are an integrally moulded part of the capsule, reducing number of seals needed
  • Multi connections
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Manufacturer : Kao Collins
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