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General IQ134 UV Clear White

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*Please contact us for stock information before purchase. This specialist ink has a short shelf life and is in low demand, so we do not always hold stock. We can supply to order, but delivery times may be long.

Please be aware that General IQ134 UV Clear White is classified as 'HazChem' for shipment and shipping is via Road only and may take additional time to be delivered.

General IQ134 UV

This ink is UV-LED curable Clear ink whose colour become opaque White colour when it is irradiated by UV-LED lamp soon after being printed. This whitening ink does not require SHAKING before use.

UV Clear White Target Application

  • Under/Over Coating for marking. This ink enables the print to have more resistance against rubbing.
  • Marking white colour without shaking. This ink becomes White under UV-LEDirradiation. No shake anymore.

Target Substrate

  • OPP
  • PP
  • PET
  • PE
  • AL
  • Blister Foil
  • Aqueous Varnish Coat
  • Rubber
  • Glass
More Information
Manufacturer : General
Technical Description :

Settings & Conditions

  • Firing Voltage 10.0V
  • Pulse Width 2.1μsec
  • Pulse Warming OFF
  • Max Frequency 12kHz
  • Shelf Life 5 months
  • Storage Temp. 15-35℃ (59-95゜F)
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