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Lint Free Wipes - Class 10 Cleanroom

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We offer these Class 10 Cleanroom Wipes, which are designed to maintain constant print quality and extend your cartridge or printhead lifetime.

Lint Free Wipes - Class 10 Cleanroom Wipes LCC25

There are 150 wipes per pack of the LCC25 with a sheet size of 225mm x 225mm. The wipes have ultra low levels of particles and are a unique double ply Polyester wipe.


  • 4 edges laser cut and sealed
  • Engineered tear resistant white wipes
  • Durable and non-abrasive
  • Perfect for medical application, pharmaceutical, life science, UV Digital printing and OEM Manufacturing processes
  • Prevents lint and fibre contamination
  • Ideal for critical cleaning jobs
  • Has a unique quilting pattern for optimum contamination and liquid holding capacity
  • Fibre and particle retention
  • Ideal for the wiping of process tools, equipment and inkjet cartridges and printheads
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    Technical Description :

    Part Number


    Ink Type
    Pigmented aqueous ink


    600 dpi


    Nozzle Count


    Print swath
    .5 in


    Maximum Firing Frequency
    12 kHz


    Avg. Drop Volume
    29 pl


    Avg. Delivered Ink (ccs)
    40 ccs


    Number of Electrical Interconnect Pads


    Operating Conditions
    10 to 40° C

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