Riso Plug And Print Solution

Riso Compatible Inks are now available in Machine Compatible Packaging

Supplied with reliable chips, our Litre Bottle solution has been taken up across Europe as the most cost-effective solution for those wanting to maintain print quality without the paying the OEM premium. The refilling and recycling of the Riso OEM cartridges, has been a laborious and potentially messy process, Array Ink have been working on a Machine compatible Bag in Box solution so that you can maintain print quality, save money and have a simple Plug & Print solution in a single product.

We are therefore, VERY pleased to announce the launch of our ComColor Bag in Box products for the replacement of Riso X1 and 1000 inks in the full range of Comcolor 3050 to 9150 Printers.

We would love to hear your feedback once you have tried the product. Please leave us a Review on the product page once you've had a chance to test them out.