Supporting Circus Starr for another year!

Array Ink are proud to be supporting Circus Starr for another year. They are a company who aim to be able to bring all the fun of the circus to children and families that may have found this challenging in the past. A circus event is one of great excitement for young children and they agree that it is unfair for children of different abilities to have to miss out on such great fun for reasons out of their control. This non-profit organisation are aiming to provide entertainment for children with disabilities, families on low incomes, those facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition.

Every child, whoever they are, is free to be themselves at a Circus Starr Show – shout with joy, move to the music or appear centre stage!

They explain that their reasoning behind this project is because ‘nearly 1.5 million UK families can’t afford a single day out together. We do it because 50% of families with disabled children say that the stigma and discrimination, they face makes them feel isolated. We create a magical world, harnessing the power of the circus and invite families with all kinds of different needs to have fun together in a safe, welcoming and unique atmosphere.’

We know that a circus is a family event that brings everyone closer, encourages creativity and allows people to become stronger and more able to face life’s challenges head on. We tour the UK bringing the very best in circus talent from around the world and stage 148 incredible, animal-free shows every year.

Their values include:

Professionalism, Inclusivity, Impact, Community, Artistic Excellence and Engagement

We are sure that you would agree this is an excellent organisation. If you would like to show your appreciation of their work here are some ways that you can help.

You can donate:

Ways to give without money:

Close to home; there is an upcoming show in Cambridge, England – Where Array Ink is based.

Fri 17th Jan 2020

North Cambridge Academy, Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JF